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Online Gift Card

Selling your salon gift card anywhere, anytime at no cost

Online Gift Card

Customer loves your salons. They would like to give a gift to their loved ones. Do they have to come in to get a gift card? No, they do not. NailsNote helps your salon sell gift cards online free of charge. Customers can buy and send your salon gift card directly from their devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

  • Customers use their gift cards on phone to check out with NailsNote Check Out.
  • Customers or salon owners can easily keep track of each sold gift card with NailsNote Gift Card.
  • Either we help you switch, or NailsNote Gift Card can work seamlessly with your current gift card system.
  • Varieties of beautiful gift card template which customer can choose from.
  • You can sell your gift card from anywhere (Google, Facebook, Yelp pages, Website, QR code).
  • Customers can buy your salon gift card from anywhere, on any device.
  • User-friendly, working proof NailsNote Gift Card system.
  • NailsNote does not charge any fee to your shop when a customer buys/uses a gift card. NailsNote automatically sends all sold gift card money to your shop bank account every week/month.

Online Gift Card In Actions

Let customers buy gift cards the way they want.

Online Gift Card FAQs

If you don't see an answer to your questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

No, you do not. NailsNote provides a link to allow your salon to sell online gift cards anywhere. You can put this link directly on your Google, Facebook, Yelp pages. Or even on your salon business card with a QR code. However, we recommend you should have a website for marketing. Our tech team can help your shop build a beautiful, SEO-friendly website for good price. Just contact us.

NailsNote helps you keep track of every gift card you sell. Any time, when a customer shows up with a gift card on their phone, you can easily determine if this gift card is from your shop with NailsNote Gift Card.

The answer is 'Yes, it is possible'. We are open and happy to talk to make NailsNote work for your shops.

Yes, it is mostly possible. NailsNote Gift Card was designed to work with a variety of current/modern gift card systems. Just, contact us, we can help you switch.

NailsNote keeps track of every gift card transaction. When customer shows up with a gift card, you just check them out with NailsNote Check Out / Redeem gift card with NailsNote Gift Card. The system will make sure customers cannot re-use gift cards if the balance is zero.

NailsNote acts as a gift card system, you have an option to set the date a gift card expires with NailsNote Gift Card.

The good thing makes your life/salon better not worse. This is why we offer 2 month trial for only $9.99/month and the rest of the first year at a 50% discount price to see if NailsNote actually works for your salon.

Yes, we do. You can take a glance at how NailsNote works at Also, contact us , and we are happy to set up a tour of NailsNote before you actually use it.

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