NailsNote - Online Booking Appointment for Nails Salon

Online Booking 24/7

Get customers' online booking appointments in a minute.

Online Booking 24/7

Easily taking customers' booking appointments online from your salon's Google, Facebook, Yelp profile pages and website.

  • Customers can book appointments anywhere, on any device.
  • Virtually, your salon is opening 24/7 to take customer.
  • Greatly reduce phone time just for booking an appointment.
  • A good overview of how many appointments your shop has in a day.
  • No Overbook. An intelligent system helps limit the number of appointments per time slot/day, matching with your working employees.
  • Employees have NailsNote phone app to check customer appointment.
  • Keep/Increase customer retention rate highly, with re-booking after customers check out.
  • NailsNote sends out reminder SMS/email appointments to increase the rate of customers show up.
  • A link to put on Google, Facebook, Yelp page. You do not need a website to take an appointment.

Online Booking 24/7 In Actions

Getting customer booking has never been easier.

Online Booking 24/7 FAQs

If you don't see an answer to your questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

No, you do not. NailsNote provides a link to allow your salon to take appointments anywhere. You can put this link directly on your Google, Facebook, Yelp pages. Or even on your salon business card with a QR code. However, we recommend you should have a website for marketing. Our tech team can help your shop build a beautiful, SEO-friendly website for a good price. Just contact us

To keep the number of 'no-show' online appointments at a minimum, NailsNote automatically sends out reminder SMS/emails to customers on the day they have appointments. Customers have the option to let the shop owner know whether either they will show up or not.

It depends. If you meet up with our device requirements, NailsNote can be ready to use in 2-3 business days. Our timeline will be more clear after you talk with our sale/tech team.

The answer is 'Yes, it is possible'. We are open and happy to talk to make NailsNote work for your shops

NailsNote has an intelligent system to determine how many appointments your salon can receive in a time slot per day. It also calculates and matches with the number of your working employees on a specific day. Therefore, overbooking rarely happens with NailsNote Online Booking.

Yes, they do. With NailsNote, each of your employees has a separate app on their phone to help them keep track of their online appointments requesting them. There are also many other useful features on NailsNote Employee App such as checking income (daily, weekly, monthly), set vacation days, etc. This app comes free when your shop uses NailsNote.

The good thing makes your life/salon better not worse. This is why we offer 2 month trial for only $9.99/month and the rest of the first year at a 50% discount price to see if NailsNote actually works for your salon.

Yes, we do. You can take a glance of how NailsNote works at Also, contact us ,and we are happy to set up a tour of NailsNote before you actually try it.

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