NailsNote - Increase 5* reviews

Increase 5 Reviews

Your customers are your best advertisers.

Increase 5 reviews

3 simple working steps to get better reviews for your shops



Let customer check-in with NailsNote Check-In at the front desk. (take less than 5s per customer)


Check Out

(Optional) Let your employee/receptionist check customer out with easy-to-use NailsNote Check Out.


Collecting Customer's Reviews

NailsNote sends out SMS/email asking for customers’ feedback. Customer posts good reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. The bad one is kept privately for the owner to review and improve services.

Increase 5 Reviews FAQs

If you don't see an answer for your questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

No, it does not. It only takes a customer about 5s-10s (on average) to check in with NailsNote Check In. If you have lots of customers, simply, you can add as many iPad/tablets as you want to allow multi-customer check-in at the same time

No, your customers do not have to wait for checking in. Thanks to NailsNote's technology, you are not limited to only one iPad for your salons. You can add as many iPad/tablet as you would like to make the check in go faster. Multi customers can check in at the same time. Any 10" iPad/tablet will work

It depends. If you meet up with our device requirements, NailsNote can be ready to use in 2-3 business days. Our timeline will be more clear after you talk with our sales/tech team.

The answer is 'Yes, it is possible'. We are open and happy to talk to make NailsNote work for your shops

Not at all. NailsNote is being optimized and used widely in many salons. We listen to our customers and make updates, day to day, to make sure NailsNote works best for them. Beside of that, we are always here to help if you have any questions while you use NailsNote. Just contact us, our tech team will be happy to assist.

The good thing makes your life/salon better not worse. This is why we offer 2 month trial for only $9.99/month and the rest of the first year at a 50% discount price to see if NailsNote actually works for your salon.

Yes, we do. You can take a glance at how NailsNote works at Also, contact us , and we are happy to set up a tour of NailsNote before you actually use it.

While there are many reasons your shop account might be locked/banned, but using NailsNote to increase 5* reviews is not one of them. NailsNote encourages customers to post good things about your salon and NailsNote does not interfere with customers' comments.
We keep bad things privately to give your salon chances to get better. NailsNote doesn't make up customers' reviews or spam your shop pages. If your accounts were locked/banned, we would do our best to help your shop gain access to your accounts.

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