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NailsNote helps nail salons get More Customers with increase 5* reviews, online booking, online gift card, online marketing

We help beauty salons increase new customers, grow customer retention rate, get high ranking and visibility on social, search results.

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What is NailsNote?

NailsNote provides tools and services to help salons: increase 5* reviews (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.), get online bookings, sell online gift cards, marketing (building websites, creating content, running ads, SEO), POS system, loyalty customer programs, and employee management. Salons can run NailsNote on any devices they have. Whether it is on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Increase 5* reviews

NailsNote helps salons increase good reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and many more social platforms. On the contrary, NailsNote holds bad reviews privately and suggests salons do better for customers.

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Online Booking 24/7

With NailsNote, salons can receive customers' bookings online through a link directly on their Google, Facebook, Yelp profile pages, salon's website or QR code. You are open to taking customers 24/7.

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Online Gift-Card

Your salons do not need to have a website or a complicated system to manage and sell gift cards. NailsNote makes it FREE. Customers can buy your gift card from anywhere, on any device.

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Content Marketing

You need help with building a website, creating content, running SEO, engaging with customers on social. NailsNote provides tools and services to help you take care of all of these at an affordable price.

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New Review Boosting Card

Buy one card, and you're all set to get unlimited 5* Reviews!

Just buy the card once and have it worked for the whole life. Work for Google, Yelp and Facebook. Never Expired!.

1. Buy the card

Choose the sizes (Card or Deskstand 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10)

2. Get it free shipped

NailsNote will set up and ship your card

3. Start getting 5* reviews

Show the card to customer and let them give you 5* reviews

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Increase 5 reviews

3 simple working steps to get better reviews for your shops


Check In

Let customer check-in with NailsNote Check-In at the front desk. (Take less than 5s per customer).


Check Out

(Optional) Let your employee/receptionist check customers out with easy-to-use NailsNote Check Out.


Collecting Customer's Reviews

NailsNote sends out SMS/emails asking for customer feedback. Customer posts good reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.The bad one is kept privately for the owner to review and improve services.

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Online Booking 24/7

Easily taking customer's online booking appointment from your salon's Google, Facebook, Yelp profile pages, Website, or QR code.

  • Customers can book appointments anywhere, on any device.
  • Virtually, your salon is opening 24/7 to take customer.
  • Employees have NailsNote phone app to check customer appointment.
  • NailsNote sends out reminder SMS/email appointment to increase the rate of customer show up.
  • A link to put on Google, Facebook, Yelp page. You do not need a website to take an appointment.
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Online Gift-Card

Customer loves your salons. They would like to give a gift to their loved ones. Do they have to come in to get a gift card? No, they do not. NailsNote helps your salon sell gift cards online free of charge*. Customer can buy/send/spend your salon gift card directly from their devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

  • Customers use their gift cards on phone to check out with NailsNote Check Out.
  • Either we help you switch, or NailsNote Gift Card can work seamlessly with your current gift card system.
  • Varieties of beautiful gift card templates which customer can choose from.
  • You can sell your gift card from anywhere (Google, Facebook, Yelp pages, Website or QR code).
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NailsNote Marketing services help you build websites, write content for your Google, Facebook, Yelp profile pages weekly. We optimize our content to make sure your website and shop are highly ranked on social and search results

  • Creating, optimizing, and running Google, Facebook, Yelp ads to help your shop get more customers.
  • Manage and reply to comments on Google, Facebook, and Yelp to make sure your shop has a good customer service.
  • We help you promote your salon on the Internet, so you can spend more time taking care customer at your salon.
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